In business, we don't win as individuals - we win as a team

Our expertise and experience spans the design and delivery of learning programmes through to leading complete transformations. In the area of teaming, we support the development of a teaming culture from Boardroom to Backroom, employing a systemic framework and a blended approach with an emphasis on building experience in the real world.


Using workshops, coaching and support networks, our team culture approach covers the Foundations of Performance Teaming through Mastery and onto High-Performance and Executive Team development. While the overarching principles are the same, each level employs a unique approach to suit the specific level of transformation to be achieved.


Programmes can be designed to support teams at any and all levels, in parts of organisations or across whole organisations. Depending on your needs, we can design a teaming programme for you or work with you to co-create a solution. We can fully support the whole transition or support the development of internal resource to lead the programme.


The following insights illustrate our philosophy and approach through the lens of our Performance Teaming Foundations programme. To discuss your team's requirements, please contact us to arrange your free consultation.

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Performance Teaming

A practice-based development programme designed to help build the habits of brilliant teaming.

As business becomes ever-more competitive, complex and dynamic, it is becoming increasingly normal for critical activities to demand extremely high levels of collaborative working to achieve success. As a result, teamwork - especially across functional and company boundaries - is not only becoming an absolute foundational requirement of ‘business as usual’ but, more importantly, it is becoming one of the biggest competitive advantages within business.

Great teams start with an intent to serve a great purpose.

Great teaming starts when every team member feels they are a valued contributor of a winning team, doing meaningful work (i.e. serving a great purpose) in an environment of trust.

Great teaming is less about what is done or how it is done and far more about who the team is - what it stands for and how team members connect with each other.


Performance Teaming provides a complete framework to enable businesses to:

  • Assess an existing team’s ‘Teaming Performance’ and determine actions to improve relationships, performance and results

  • Develop new teams more easily and move them through the learning curve faster

  • Improve cross-team working, leading to greater performance throughout the business.

This is now even more relevant when teams are stretched, working in unusual surroundings and with new pressures on them. How your team works together is critical in enabling you to navigate the uncertainty and emerge in a position of strength, ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will inevitably arise.

Our Performance Teaming Foundations programme uses the powerful Performance Learning Framework© to help your team build the habits of brilliant teaming. 

Programme Overview

Performance Teaming is designed to comprise of 3 tiers: Foundations, Mastery and High Performance. 

Our Performance Teaming Foundations course has been created to support the establishment or re-balancing of a team. It will provide a stable foundation upon which brilliant teamworking can take hold. It is supported by the development of a Team Charter - built on the foundation of the exclusive 6Rs framework - that helps clarify team results, roles, relationships and resources, and creates a springboard for enhanced performance.


In this course, you will develop:

  • A meaningful purpose that energises the team

  • A unifying set of values to guide decisions, behaviours and actions

  • Greater insights and understanding of individual contributions

  • Actions to better balance the team characteristics

  • Activity flywheels that define what the team does, how and when

  • Agreements to boost performance within teams

  • Clear actions that serve improvement and growth goals.


Please contact us for more information if you are interested in either the Mastery or High Performance programmes.


Performance Teaming can be run as either a guided online programme or a 2-day interactive workshop. We are based in Essex and Warwickshire, with easy access to London and Birmingham, as well as many other towns and cities in the UK. Online workshops can be facilitated via Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet, or we can join you at your own premises. Click here to view your options.

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Having your team gain clarity on its shared purpose and the contribution of each team member, then collectively develop and agree the values and standards to which you will work, is incredibly powerful. It builds ownership, connection and accountability, and can be the key competitive advantage that sustains a winning team. Harness your collective brilliance with Performance Teaming

Who is the Performance Teaming programme for?


Performance Teaming is designed for both functional and cross-functional business teams. It is intended to improve the relationships, performance and results of teams that share a common goal; therefore, it is equally appropriate for management or leadership teams as it is for functional departmental teams.

The ideal number of team members is 5-6, although teams of varying sizes can join the programme. There is no maximum number of team members, although you will be required to manage your team to get the best out of the programme. The course involves collaborative exercises so please ensure you are comfortable with the number of people in your team.

Why did we create this programme?

Performance Management Systems has developed Performance Teaming in association with The Performance Learning Company. 

We are passionate about helping businesses grow healthily and sustainably.

For the past 10 years, The Performance Learning Company’s Managing Director, Bob Gibbon, has developed and delivered bespoke, high-impact training programmes to help businesses achieve double-digit annual growth. Throughout this time, Bob has noticed a raft of common challenges and developed many useful frameworks that resolve these issues.


Applying this experience, we have decided to offer ‘open’ programmes that address the challenges that are common across all types of organisations that we help. These programmes will give wider and more cost-effective access to unique development programmes which are proven to boost organisational performance and results.


In addition to our insight, we undertook research to explore the challenges of our target clients and have used their feedback to build a course that will meet their specific needs, including:

  • 'The culture is the greatest challenge.'

  • 'Staff don't know what is expected of them or where the company is going.'

  • 'Team leaders tend to be promoted internally. They are very good at pushing numbers but lack the people management skills.'

  • 'A lack of engagement has been frustrating and inhibitive to growth.'

  • 'One-day training doesn't work. You can have a great day but the impact barely lasts more than a day.'

  • ‘We struggle with accountability.’

Performance Teaming aims to provide a flexible, practice-based learning programme which fits into and enhances your day-to-day work. It will help your business team collectively gain clarity and identify focused actions so you can improve relationships, performance and results by:

  • Living shared values, learning together and collaborating more productively

  • Enabling people to understand their role and how it contributes to the overall strategy

  • Employing tools that enable more productive working and more efficient completion of key tasks.

What is the course structure?

As an online team coaching programme, Performance Teaming Foundations comprises 8 x 1-hour coaching sessions, exclusively for your team. Modules can be completed weekly, fortnightly or at a timescale agreed with you, with a team coaching session at the end of each module.


Your coaching will be with coaches who are EMCC-accredited in team coaching at foundation level, having qualified as part of the first cohort to complete the Global Team Coaching Institute programme in 2020.


Our courses are designed to enable you to put your learning into real life practice in your day-to-day roles; therefore, you will have many opportunities to practise as part of your daily work.

Performance Teaming Foundations can also be held as a 2-day workshop, either in-person or online.

Why should you sign up?


Whether it's creating strategic agility with your customers or operational excellence within your business, collaboration within and across teams is fast becoming a key competitive advantage.

Our Performance Teaming Foundations programme arms you with the toolset, skillset and, most importantly, the mindset to WIN.

Coached course

Performance Teaming Foundations is available as an online team coaching programme that runs over approximately 8 weeks.


In this course, you will receive 8 x 1-hour online coaching sessions exclusively for your team.

Once you have signed up, we can set the start date to fit your needs, or you can contact us to discuss this in advance if necessary.

Benefit from the guidance of accredited team coaches who will mentor your team through the programme, deepening your learning and enhancing your exploration.


2-day Workshop

Our Performance Teaming programmes can be run as a 2-day interactive workshop, building the mindset, skillset and toolset that helps embed brilliant teaming in your organisation.

Your workshop can follow the format of our online Performance Teaming Foundations programme, or we can create a bespoke teaming workshop combining relevant elements from Performance Teaming Foundations, High-Performance Teaming and Executive Teaming. 

Workshops can be held online or in-person. If you would like us to run a workshop for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


While Performance Teaming provides a structured foundation for teaming, Performance Teaming Mastery further elevates performance through the practice of a series of proven, performance-enhancing tools and frameworks.

High-Performance Teaming provides insights as to how to thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, where decisions need to be made in real-time at the point of action and where change is the everyday norm.

Executive Teaming absorbs the needs of all stakeholders into a clear purpose and shared vision which, when combined with enhanced inter-personal connection and commitment, creates a beacon of teaming excellence that inspires the rest of the business to work at elevated levels of collaboration.

We also run our Peak Performance of a Positive Mind programme for teams. This enables team members to tackle internal saboteurs and develop a positive mindset at an individual level, whilst realising the significant benefits of shared learning, increased empathy and building stronger relationships through group coaching. 

To discuss your team's requirements, please contact us to arrange your free consultation.

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