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The smart way to thrive in an agile world

The ebb and flow of business creates peaks and troughs and, every so often, they become super-sized. In the best of times, running an organisation can be a challenge; in the worst of times, it’s tough. Everything is changing – customers, suppliers, people and, not forgetting, technology!

Most people in today’s workforce are unlikely to have experienced such a shift in their work lives as they have done in recent times, and even fewer leaders would have led businesses through such a challenging downturn.

In all challenge lies opportunity and the changes we've faced have spurred many companies to leap out of their comfort zones, place greater belief in themselves, take more calculated risks and pull together as a team.

Businesses that have proven they can be agile, innovative and create new value fast, will benefit greatly if they now turn these responses into core competences. Those that are yet to flex their agile muscles should know that the circumstances of the past year are symptomatic of a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world; a world where change and inconsistency are prevalent.


For all businesses, the challenge goes on! The time to act is now.

Coaching, training and facilitation for

people, teams and businesses

Based on decades of experience running world-leading businesses, chairing dozens of companies and a keen passion for bringing out the best in organisations, teams and individuals, we’ll help your senior team to leverage your opportunity and produce extraordinary outcomes for your business.


Since every company is unique, we believe your response and the pathway that you take should also be unique. We are expert guides that will help you learn smart, fast and collectively so you don’t just bounce back to pre-Covid levels; you use the ‘disruption’ to become ever stronger.

Our holistic Organisational Coaching approach has helped dozens of businesses across the world transform performance and achieve double-digit profit growth by:

  • Enabling them to create greater value for their customers

  • Unearthing hidden pools of profit

  • Releasing the true potential of their workforce

  • Building high-performance teams

  • Developing leadership throughout the business.

#leapingahead features courses from 90-day focused sprints to company-wide development programmes. It will enable your organisation to develop the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to face a VUCA reality with confidence, courage and commitment.

Great leaders nurture great people.

Great people build great teams.

Great teams create great organisations.

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Sustaining a business over the long term requires both high-performance and robust health. Wellbeing - at personal, team and organisational level - is identified as being just as important to delivering high-performance as strategy, innovation and learning.

Wealth and health go hand in hand!

Wellbeing is enhanced when:

  • People are aligned to their own internal power source, accessed through self-awareness

  • Teams are meaningful in their purpose, fulfilling in their actions and psychologically safe in their culture

  • Leaders that guide the way are trustworthy, empathic and compassionate.

Performance is enhanced when:

  • People are engaged, enabled and energised to support clear, consistent, challenging goals

  • Teams are productive, stretching and value-creating in all they do

  • Leaders are competent, visionary and supportive.

Underpinning both performance and wellbeing is the MAGIC TRIANGLE – the point at which great leadership, brilliant teaming and growing self-awareness purposefully converge to create outcomes far greater than the sum of the whole.

We will help you harness the MAGIC TRIANGLE to deliver sustainable business success

Sprint Programmes

Our ‘Discovery Sprint’ programmes are specifically designed to match today’s needs. They follow four development strands, all aligned to the MAGIC TRIANGLE:

Benefits will begin right from the start of your programme, but the continued commitment to adding further layers to your transformation will result in an exponential benefit. Sustained application of ‘Discovery Sprints’ should yield the same benefits as our annual programmes which, over a sustained 3-year period, have created ROIs up to 20:1.

Coaching deepens your learning and helps you push your exploration and discovery further

Our #leapingahead programmes are led by coaches who will help you gain clarity, apply your own expertise most powerfully, deepen your learning and remove the barriers that get in your way.

You can find out more about why we recommend coaching here.

Annual Programmes

Building transformative capabilities across an organisation takes both time and energy and we support this with bespoke annual development programmes. Over a 3-year period, these have demonstrated ROIs of up to 20:1.

Each unique programme begins with a current assessment across all four areas of people, team, leadership and business capability, leading to a programme co-designed by the leadership team and facilitators. This will agree, prioritise and focus on the key needs and opportunities of your business. Generally, this assessment will be driven by shareholder needs. It will also take into account the needs of all other stakeholders, ensuring optimal performance is achieved.

The execution of your programme first aligns attitudes, actions and emotions, then leverages this to amplify performance and results. 
The alignment is encouraged through strategic and annual planning, as well as live ‘on-the-job’ coaching, including observation at operational meetings. The amplify stage is achieved through active development programmes, akin to 90-day sprints.

As the programme develops, the experiences from one aspect begin to cross-fertilise with others, creating an acceleration in the improvement curve across your business.

Act now to leap ahead of the curve

Whether a solopreneur, family business or PLC Executive, we support your personal, team and organisational needs to create greater value for all stakeholders.

Contact us now to accelerate your performance ahead of the curve.

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