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We tend to think of having a work-life balance but, in reality, many of us spend a considerable amount of our time working; it is very much a central part of our lives. Similarly, our lives do not begin only when we finish working. Of course, the lines have only been blurred further by the significant shift to home working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Personal Leadership is a coached online course which guides you to boost your energy and reflect on the balance of your life as a whole. It helps you raise your self-awareness and build your confidence and resilience, enabling you to identify key actions that will transform your ‘whole life’ performance.

Our coaching will help you deepen your discoveries and break the barriers that hold you back. Whether your desired outcomes are personal, professional or both, the course will give you clarity, direction and focus. Crucially, it will help you start to shift your mindset to drive positive action and experiences. You choose the focus and we'll help you get there!

You can also learn about the business benefits of Personal Leadership here.


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Build your Energy, Balance your Life & Boost your Performance

We have extensive professional experience that will guide you to boost your mental health and wellbeing and improve your performance. Through specialist coaching courses, workshops and resources, we deliver comprehensive support that will help you achieve your goals. 

Being our best is largely mindset; a commitment to, and a belief in, being our best. As humans, we operate at our best when our whole being is in harmony – our ambitions, thoughts, deeds and relationships. However, most of us do not intentionally cultivate our personal leadership skills and so, compared to what we are fully able to achieve, we unwittingly fail to unleash our full potential.                 

By bringing out our best and helping us make powerful choices, great leadership helps us to be more focused, more productive and most importantly, more fulfilled. It creates a sense of achievement that fills our lives with greater purpose, clarity and intentional joy!


In our Personal Leadership courses, you will explore your personal:

  • Energy management

  • Life balance

  • Purpose

  • Values

  • Vision

  • Roles

  • Relationships

  • Strengths.


You will finish by producing a powerful one-page Roadmap with focused goals to move you towards your desired outcomes.

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Programme Options

There are a number of options to suit your needs, time and budget when choosing how to get the most from your Personal Leadership experience.


You can choose to enrol in our 12-week coaching programme, which covers the three core pillars of Personal Leadership: energy management, life balance and personal charter.


Alternatively, you can sign up for a 6-week coached course on either Energy Management, Life Balance or My Personal Charter (please note the Energy Management and Life Balance 6-week courses are coming soon, but please contact us to reserve your place). These shorter courses will give you an in-depth exploration into the specific area of Personal Leadership that you feel is most relevant for where you are in your life right now. Of course, you can then choose to move on to another 6-week programme upon completion, building up your prowess as you progress.  


All of our Personal Leadership coached courses as available with both 1:1 personalised coaching programmes or with group coaching. You will benefit from the same number of coaching sessions in each version of the course, with 1:1 programmes including 30-minute sessions and group coaching featuring 1-hour sessions. Groups will most likely consist of around six people.

For 1:1 coaching, you can sign up and start as soon as you like. If you'd prefer group coaching, please sign up then we can discuss the most suitable start date with you. We are currently taking group bookings for January 2022. 


Our coaching will deepen your learning and challenge you to push further and think bigger, helping you remove your limiting beliefs and build the habits which lead to the realisation of your desired outcomes. It will enable you to break barriers and become your brilliant best. In our group coaching courses, you will also benefit from shared learning and experiences with fellow group members.


Click the button below to view all of our coaching programmes and choose the best solution for you.

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Discover what you are really capable of

Business Benefits

With the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, employee engagement and wellbeing have become much more prominent topics in recent times. Many studies show a decline in our wellbeing over this period, from worsening mental health to increased anxiety and lack of sleep. Home working and hybrid teams also present significant challenges for team relationships and engagement.

Companies that support their people to turn up each day at their best, connected to their role, feeling valued and tuned to their purpose, are companies that thrive. What's more, Deloitte's research has shown a 5:1 ROI for investing in mental health and wellbeing programmes for your people; for early stage interventions, this can increase to 8:1.

In our corporate coaching programme, each member of your team will have access to their own online programme, with up to 8 people forming a coaching pod. They will complete their exercises individually, with 10 x 1-hour group coaching sessions to deepen their discoveries and share their learning. 

Developing a programme that includes multiple colleagues completing the course simultaneously can further boost wellbeing, performance and engagement across teams and across your organisation. Increased self-awareness has been shown to increase empathy and understanding of others as well as ourselves, so it can help your colleagues strengthen relationships both internally and with external partners. It has also been shown to increase leadership capability, while increased engagement can help you realise significant cost savings through reduced staff turnover and increased productivity and profitability.

To realise these benefits for your organisation, you can sign up for our corporate coaching programme here.

If you would like to enrol a number of your colleagues in individual coached courses, or you'd prefer to discuss your options with us before signing up, please contact us for a free consultation.

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Unlock your brilliance

One-to-one and group coaching personalised to your responses, reflections and personal & professional goals

5-day Sprints

You can start your Personal Leadership journey with our 5-day Sprints, which are based on the core topics of Personal Leadership - Energy Management, Life Balance and Personal Charter.


They are designed to fit into busy lives, with exercises taking just 5-10 minutes per day, and are a great (and cost effective) way to start to raise your self-awareness, enhance your wellbeing and improve your performance!

We have also set up a new Facebook group to encourage discussion and shared learning amongst peers. As well as encouraging group members to use some of the tools simultaneously and share their experiences, we also intend to have offers for exclusive tools and events.


Click here to join the group.


Start your transformation now!

Personal Leadership is an online discovery and development programme that has been created by a qualified teacher and NLP Master Practitioner. It is designed to boost your wellbeing and performance, deepening your personal discovery through coaching and enabling you to determine clear actions to take your life forward as you want it to be.

Sign up now to unlock your true potential. 


Personal Leadership has given our course alumni greater clarity, calm and increased confidence. It has helped them discover a new direction in life or break barriers to achieve goals they were unable to achieve before. 


To discover what the programme could do for you, take a look at the testimonials on our dedicated Personal Leadership website.


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