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Performance Leadership

Leadership is not a title; it is a way of being.

We believe leadership is the most crucial element of an organisation or team. Ambition, performance and results all start with leadership. Leaders determine the direction the organisation is heading in: they lead the culture, lead the energy, and set the example for the rest of the organisation to follow.


However, we believe that leadership is something that anyone in your organisation can learn and develop. Leadership is not a title; it is not exclusive to those at C-level. Leadership is the application of a mindset, skillset and toolset, through deliberate practice and continuous learning, that can occur in and benefit any level of business.


It is also not exclusively something that applies within your own business; a company’s success is boosted significantly by learning to lead those outside your own business, such as customers, suppliers and your community.


Leaders harness the brilliance of others to achieve great things that those others would not see, or have the courage, commitment or capability to choose and succeed in, by themselves. Although there are many elements to great leadership, the most fundamental role of a leader comprises four critical elements:

  • Determining the Purpose of the business or team

  • Shaping and living the Values by which you choose to behave

  • Setting the Promise you commit to delivering to your customers

  • Inspiring committed action to a Vision that creates a sustainable future.


Whether you are leading a project, a team, an organisation, a customer, supplier or market, you will need to persuade your followers to believe in you, believe in your vision, and believe in themselves to achieve the vision.


Our leadership programmes will enable you to create the mindset, develop the skillset and build the toolset to practise and learn your way towards leadership excellence. 

The Performance Leadership Flywheel

The Performance Leadership Flywheel is a universal guide for leaders of all levels. The following articles explain more about how and why it was created, and how it relates to you.

The Foundation of Leadership

Leadership starts with YOU!

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A leader inspires others to willingly move towards an outcome they would not have otherwise considered, been able or been energised to do by themselves. In the beginning, leadership creates followers. At its end, great leadership creates other leaders.

This practice-based development programme will enable you to explore your own leadership in the context of your work. Performance Leadership comprises three tiers: Foundations, Mastery and High Performance.

In Performance Leadership Foundations, you will develop:

  • A purpose that brings meaning and energy to your leadership

  • A unifying set of values to guide your decisions, behaviours and actions

  • Greater insights and understanding of how you can best leverage your personal capabilities

  • Activity flywheels that define who, why and how you are leading

  • Actions to boost relationships between you and those you lead (followers)

  • Clear actions that serve performance, improvement and growth goals.


To help you explore this, we use a simple but wide-ranging 6Rs framework to establish your Performance Leadership Charter, upon which you can have the confidence to be your best and encourage others to be their best. This is your leadership foundation.

If you are interested in either the Mastery or High Performance programmes, or a bespoke leadership workshop, please contact us for more information.

Coached course

Performance Leadership is available as an online coached course, with course materials being accessed via our online learning platform and coaching sessions taking place via video call. 


Benefit from the guidance of expert coaches who will mentor you through the programme, deepening your learning and enhancing your exploration.

2-day Workshop

Our Performance Leadership programmes can be run as a 2-day training workshop, building the mindset, skillset and toolset to enhance leadership across your team or organisation.

Workshops can be run online or in-person. If you would like us to run a workshop for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.