Leadership starts with YOU!

When we learn to lead ourselves, it becomes so much easier to authentically lead others. Leadership starts with you.

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More specifically, it starts with:

  • Trusting in yourself, trusting in your vision and trusting in your team.

  • Having compassion for yourself and your team and passion for your work.

  • Being committed to continuously testing your reasoning so it makes sense, to you and others, in different and ever-changing contexts.

  • Being rigorous in scanning, gathering and synthesising data, both what is (insight) and what could be (foresight), to help shape your vision. A vision that serves great purpose and creates value for all.

  • Energising yourself to step out of your comfort zone so you can share your courage and energy with others as they set out on their journey.

  • Holding a very clear picture of what you are pursuing and a clear understanding of how others see, so that you can shape your conversations and stories to help them see as clearly as you do.

  • Believing in yourself, your vision and your team so that the contagion crosses the void, and the team begins to believe in themselves and each other. For it is the belief in themselves and each other that will spur the journey through thick and thin.

  • Continuous learning in pursuit of mastery and support of others' development in pursuit of their mastery.

When all of this is done you will have achieved your goal. And, as your goal is invariably neither singular nor static, then neither is your leadership. You may lead differently in different environments, different challenges, different stages and with different people. Leadership is contextual. In addition, the world changes, goals change, you and others change and so too must your leadership.

To sustain your leadership, you must always be aware, agile and adaptable.

The Performance Leadership Flywheel: © The Performance Learning Company

The 8 key elements above form the Performance Leadership Flywheel – a universal guide for leaders of all levels, in all environments and for all contexts. Explore more in this Sway.

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