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Self-awareness is our ability to understand who we are, how we are and where we want to go. In helping us see ourselves more deeply and understand how others experience us, self-awareness is also an excellent gateway to our awareness of others, and a brilliant platform for building inclusion. Ultimately, it supports both personal and collective wellbeing.

Raising our self-awareness enables us to:

  • Increase our confidence and resilience 

  • Cope better with stress

  • Make better decisions

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Access peak performance.

There are four main areas that we focus on to help you raise your self-awareness so you can realise your true potential. You can learn more about Energy Management, Life Balance and Personal Charter as part of our Personal Leadership suite of programmes, and you can build your mental fitness to discover the Peak Performance of a Positive Mind

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Business Benefits

With the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, employee engagement and wellbeing have become much more prominent topics in recent times. Many studies show a decline in our wellbeing over this period, from worsening mental health to increased anxiety and lack of sleep. Home working and hybrid teams also present significant challenges for team relationships and engagement.

Companies that support their people to turn up each day at their best, connected to their role, feeling valued and tuned to their purpose, are companies that thrive. What's more, Deloitte's research has shown a 5:1 ROI for investing in mental health and wellbeing programmes for your people; for early stage interventions, this can increase to 8:1.

In our corporate Personal Leadership coaching programme, each member of your team will have access to their own online programme, with up to 8 people forming a coaching pod. They will complete their exercises individually, with 10 x 1-hour group coaching sessions to deepen their discoveries and share their learning. 

Developing a programme that includes multiple colleagues completing the course simultaneously can further boost wellbeing, performance and engagement across teams and across your organisation. Increased self-awareness has been shown to increase empathy and understanding of others as well as ourselves, so it can help your colleagues strengthen relationships both internally and with external partners. It has also been shown to increase leadership capability, while increased engagement can help you realise significant cost savings through reduced staff turnover and increased productivity and profitability.

To realise these benefits for your organisation, you can sign up for our corporate Personal Leadership coaching programme here.

To reserve your team's place on our 2022 Mental Fitness for a Positive Mind programmes, or if you would like to discuss your options with us before signing up, please contact us for a free consultation.

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