What Makes a Great Team?

I am often asked, what is a great team?

My personal experience of working in, with and in leading great teams is that they take responsibility to release and develop their individual and collective brilliance which they then use to break limits, myths and paradigms, leverage their learning and join the dots that others have not yet seen to create breakthroughs. They do this as a core mindset, commitment and competence.

They have courage to live through breakdowns and VUCA as they believe in their collective ability that they will find a way (this is often seen as a growth mindset) and they have a strong sense of some greater contribution beyond themselves.

While they continually seek clarity on the value required by their stakeholders, they go beyond ‘having to do’ and work from a foundation of what is possible, which powers the greater energy of ‘wanting to do’.

Above all they are inclusive, they are one, even when they are not together. So, rather than having to wait for everyone to be together physically before they move forward, they trust each other sufficiently to know that they will never be left behind.

The real wonder of a team is that while we all get dulled by stuff that happens, the power of the collective spirit is far greater than us as individuals and so the love, compassion and energy of the team picks us up and helps us shine.

This is what enables great teams to sustainably create personal and collective fulfilment and create and contribute huge value to their world.

All of this is a choice, and it is a choice we all hold.

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