The Performance Teaming Flywheel

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

When observing brilliant teamwork, 5 key mindsets appear to come into play:

- #Inclusivity as the key to nurturing the formation of teams and maintaining harmony.

- A #Growth mindset is brilliant for developing the belief that you can do it – maybe not yet, but with deliberate practice almost anything can be achieved.

- When it comes to getting things done, nothing beats an #Accountability mindset. Doing the right thing right, first time, in time and on time – every time!

- When a team is working well, a #Possibility mindset helps propel performance to the next level. Its mixture of vision and positive encouragement breathes hope deep into our souls and energises us to be our very best.

- Finally, a #Winning mindset helps us get and stay in the lead by ensuring that the other four mindsets are brought into play to the right level, at the right time.

Collectively, these 5 mindsets of brilliant teams form the ‘Performance Teaming Flywheel'.

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