What is the purpose that your team serves right now?

Great teams start with an intent to serve a great purpose.

We often believe the team creates its purpose, then sets out its vision and the values that will guide it to success. However, in reality, it is the purpose that creates the team. What was the need that brought your team together?

Another, often overlooked, factor is that your purpose can change because your stakeholders and the environment around you can change – something we have probably never been more aware of than we are now. Indeed, it is quite possible that your purpose has changed in the past two months.

We are aware that there is a purpose that is bigger than us all. Whether it is people on the front line directly trying to save lives, providing key services, working outside ‘the norm’ to produce PPE and ventilation equipment, or putting lives on hold to protect others and health services, there have been many wonderful demonstrations of people working together to fulfil a huge, united purpose.

Understanding your purpose and bringing it to the fore as the force that drives your actions is critical in navigating the current challenge. Strong, cohesive teams are vital. Everyone should understand your purpose and how their role helps to fulfil it. What is each person’s individual contribution to achieving the purpose? Understanding this will help to engage and energise your team to face the challenges, and as that challenge grows and people diverge from the norm, it is inevitable that opportunities will arise for those who are resilient, creative and bold enough to take them.

So, who are your stakeholders and what do they need from you? What is the purpose that your team serves right now?

Defining your team's purpose is one of the key activities in our Performance Teaming Foundations programme. You can find out more about the course here.

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