Leading Together is the New Normal

In our last article, I mentioned that research has shown that sustaining high-performance in any organisation is largely dependent upon the level of excellence at which the executive Leadership Team operates.

In today’s fast changing world of ever-increasing complexity, it is even more important for leadership teams to fire collectively and efficiently on all cylinders.

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

To support ‘business excellence’, a Leadership Team will typically need to address three critical areas of business operations:

  • Meeting Shareholder Ambitions whilst serving all other stakeholders

  • Business Performance

  • Business Leadership Team Performance.

The latter is the key to the second and the second the key to the first.

It is very easy for Business Leadership to get so enveloped in running the business that it begins to under-represent the Shareholder’s Ambition, Purpose and Values. There are countless businesses that have strayed from their purpose and lost both their soul and their performance. The same can be said when businesses fail other stakeholders, including customers. suppliers and employees.

The true test of any Leadership Team lies in the quality of their performance and results. The aim is to help create a capability, commitment and culture that nurtures a sustainable performance, sufficient to deliver the Shareholder Ambition.

Leading with an ‘outcome-oriented’ approach and systems perspective helps to optimise and sustain extraordinary performance.

Whether it is working on the business or in the business, the role of the Business Leadership Team is to marshal and optimise resources to successfully advance towards delivering the Shareholder Ambition.

Generally speaking, the performance of any team does not lie in the strength of the individuals, but in the strength of the connections between them. Creating a high-performance team is central to creating a high-performance business.

We have collectively been supporting leadership teams to become their best for over 30 years.

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