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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The ebb and flow of business creates peaks and troughs and, every so often, they become super-sized. Most people in today’s workforce are unlikely to have experienced such a shift in their work lives as they have in 2020, and even fewer leaders will have led businesses through such a challenging downturn. This is not a time to panic, but it is a time to learn smart, fast and collectively so you don’t just bounce back to pre-Covid levels; you use the ‘disruption’ to become ever stronger.

In partnership with The Performance Learning Company, we have helped dozens of businesses transform performance and achieve double-digit profit growth by:

  • Enabling them to create greater value for their customers

  • Unearthing hidden pools of profit

  • Releasing the true potential of their workforce

  • Building high performance teams

  • Developing leadership throughout the business.

Since there is no overnight solution to sustainable excellence, we have typically worked with businesses by offering consistent support over a minimum 12-month period. However, we recognise we are now living in different and challenging times. In such circumstances, shorter, more intense bursts of support are likely to make the biggest contribution in the ‘here and now’.

Building on years of creating customised coaching and development programmes, we have distilled key elements that helped companies grow over 20% per annum, through recession, into our new #leapingahead suite of programmes. This suite provides a series of freely available resources, such as short courses, community forums and insights. For those that wish to go deeper, it also provides a comprehensive range of 90-day 'discovery sprints'. These bite-size programmes are designed to speedily support significant shifts in performance, enabling you to not only bounce back, but to leap ahead.

#leapingahead Community

#leapingahead is a community of practice for like-minded people, teams and organisations who are committed to growing their businesses. Through your members’ area, we will offer a range of free resources to help you move forward at your own pace. It is also through the members’ area that you will gain exclusive access to the paid-for services, including the #leapingahead 90-day sprints and the #leapingahead annual programme (3 x 90-day sprints in a year).

The free resources, which will be steadily expanded through time, provide numerous tools and insights that will help you make progress across the four strands of business, team, leadership and personal development.

It is free to join the #leapingahead community and benefits include:

  • Free courses and resources

  • A peer network to ask questions, share ideas and celebrate success

  • Expert tutors to coach and guide you

  • Exclusive #leapingahead 90-day sprint programmes

  • Exclusive #leapingahead annual programme with monthly pricing.

Our 90-day Sprint Programmes

Each ‘Discovery Sprint’ follows one of four key development strands:

  • Business Development

  • Team Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Development.

Within these strands, we offer two types of programme:

  • Structured Discovery - for those who are not yet absolutely sure of what might be possible or where they wish to go. These comprise structured development materials, one-to-one sessions with a seasoned business mentor, 3 ‘open’ Q&A sessions, a mastermind round-table and a peer-level forum to scaffold your progress throughout the programme.

  • Framed Discovery - for those with a clearer idea of their outcomes, but who may not be sure how to get there yet, our Assess – Align – Amplify framework helps you co-design a customised development sprint that creates the greatest impact to meet your needs. ​

You can explore these programmes in greater detail by downloading the programme brochure at

Start #leapingahead today!

To navigate these times of unknowns, uncertainty and undulating fortunes, many businesses have heroically pivoted to new products, new markets and new channels. While we are clearly not yet through this seismic shift triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, now is a great time to begin to take stock, re-balance our businesses and plan to surge ahead. Every day spent simply surviving is a day that others are taking steps to grow their business.

Sustained application of discovery sprints should deliver the same benefits as our standard annual programmes which, over a sustained 3-year period, have created a total business value that has typically yielded a 20:1 ROI.

So whether you want to press the re-set button after a challenging time, prepare for a new year or transform your performance, #leapingahead offers focused, bite-size programmes that will enable you to thrive in an agile world.

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