Enhancing your MAGIC

More and more organisations are now realising that sustaining a business over the long-term requires both high-performance and robust health.

Wellbeing - at personal, team and organisational level - is beginning to be seen as being just as important to delivering high-performance as strategy, innovation and learning.

Wealth and health go hand in hand!

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Underpinning both performance and wellbeing is the MAGIC TRIANGLE – the point at which great leadership, brilliant teaming and growing self-awareness converge to create outcomes far greater than the sum of the whole.

Wellbeing is enhanced when:

  • People are aligned to their own internal power source, accessed through self-awareness

  • ·Teams are meaningful in their purpose, fulfilling in their actions and psychologically safe in their culture

  • Leaders that guide the way are trustworthy, empathic and compassionate.

Performance is enhanced when:

  • People are engaged, enabled and energised to support clear, consistent and challenging goals

  • Teams are productive, stretching and value-creating in all they do

  • Leaders are competent, visionary and supportive.

The whole operates at its best when all of these things purposefully come together as one – the MAGIC TRIANGLE!

We have been helping organisations become their magical best for several decades. To power yourselves to improved performance and results, take a look at our #leapingahead programmes or contact us now at to discuss how we can help you enhance your magic.

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