Becoming Your Personal Best

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

As human beings, we are generally driven by positive intent. At a minimum, this is the intent to survive; at the other end of the scale, it may be a desire to thrive – to live life to the full, to be our best and to help others be their best.

The core foundation of being our best is to make appropriate choices that will create the best response for our life as a whole. Therefore, the more we explore our life in order to deeply understand ourselves and the world around us, the easier it will be to make those choices.

As humans, we operate at our best when our whole being is in harmony – our ambitions, thoughts, deeds and relationships. Whether considering ancient eastern philosophies or emerging western leadership models, there is a growing body of evidence that humans function best when they are aligned and/or balanced within four core modes:

  • What they do (hands)

  • What they think (head)

  • What they love (heart)

  • What purpose/intent/belief gets them through life (hope).

The practice of integrating and managing balance brings the four together into a whole (holism).

Without being conscious of it, we can very quickly become ‘out of balance’, and this can be even more prevalent in the global situation we currently find ourselves in. Although we may not always be outwardly aware of this, it will show up in a number of ways; for example, stress, reduced focus and inefficiency.

While we undoubtedly need to channel energies at critical points, over-extending imbalance can have a significant detrimental effect to both our performance and our well-being. Therefore, stepping back from time to time and taking a broad perspective of our whole life can help restore our balance and our energy. For those who may find themselves with more time than usual to stop and reflect, this is the ideal time to review and reset.

Our Personal Leadership course is designed to enable you to enhance your performance and well-being. It provides a framework to allow you to explore your life as it is, then begin to transform it to how you wish it to be through the creation of a Personal Charter. This is a very purposeful way to clarify your goal, align your choices and guide your actions, helping you be the best version of the person you want to be.

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