Facilitation is a structured, catalytic and harmonising approach that harnesses the diversity of a team to produce an outcome that, otherwise, would not likely be possible – or would certainly not be reached as quickly. With facilitation, your team is encouraged to collectively progress towards your goals, unearthing and exploiting hidden opportunity that you’ll discover along the way.

We facilitate a range of workshops, including: 

Read more about our workshops below, or contact us if you would like us to harness the brilliance of your team in pursuit of your goals.

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Strategy Planning

Our Strategy Planning Workshops will benefit both novices and those who are experienced in strategic planning. Beginning with the foundation of your business – the mission, vision, values and value proposition – the workshop will enable you to be clear on the purpose of why your business exists, where it is going, what principles it does business by, and what value it creates for its customers.

Our framework will enable you to:

  • Review, and learn from, what has led you to where you are now

  • Map out a future pathway, either with a legacy perspective looking ahead 25 years or a with a more near-term perspective of 3-5 years.

  • Create a strategic plan for how that future will be achieved.

The reality of life constantly tells us that however well we plan, prepare and execute, stuff always happens to thwart our progress. Hence, the framework also supports risk analysis, scenario planning and tracking tools to help increase your agility to respond to diversions and recover back to your chosen path.

Annual Planning

Drawing on your experience over the past few years, what events and actions have led you to where you are now? Have you delivered on your intended goals this year? Would you like to benefit from a framework that allows you to better deliver your goals next year?


Working with your team, we will enable you to create a clear annual plan for your organisation, then help each team (or individual, where appropriate) set up a clear execution plan broadly across four quarters, with greater detail for the immediate 90 days. While the choice is always yours, our recommendation is that you transform this into a rolling 90-day plan which is a more continuous process that creates a constant perspective of 90 days ahead. Finally, within this framework we will support your execution with risk assessment and an accountability model which significantly raises your ability to achieve your plan.

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Sales Planning

Sales planning relies on a combination of historical data and customer and market insight. While this insight is something only you can provide, we bring a proven process, framework and toolset that helps you build a realistic and trackable annual sales plan.

Through an exploration of customer trends and anomalies, buying patterns and economic cycles, you will be able to create a customer-focused sales plan which can also provide insights into the staff structure and profile required to deliver it.

This a highly beneficial workshop for the Sales team which helps increase the level of insight and ownership of the final annual, quarterly and monthly plans that the team will be required to deliver.

Culture Development

Every business has at least three potential brands; the one that Marketing promotes, the one that the business delivers and the one that the customer perceives (which itself may be different customer by customer). As much as ‘brand’ can be projected in advertising and media stories, it is made real through the customer experience: as your culture shapes your customer experience, it ultimately shapes your perceived ‘brand’.

Moulded by such things as the dominant behaviours and beliefs at play within a group, culture emerges naturally; anywhere and everywhere. The choice for leaders is whether they wish to let culture emerge naturally or whether they wish to shape it so that it powerfully aligns to the purpose, vision, values and customer promise it is aiming to fulfil.

The Performance Culture Framework© helps businesses get clear on the culture required to support their intent, reflect on what is really happening in their organisation, and determine actions that will help begin to re-shape their culture in support of their ambition.

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