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A practical framework to help you habitualise negotiation brilliance through everyday practice

A fascinating aspect of human beings is that every one of us is unique. We all hold different views and we all want different things. Hence, whenever people come together collectively, these views and needs have the potential to clash and create friction, disharmony and feelings of injustice. Negotiation is the process through which we reach agreement in these arenas of difference.

Although we may not recognise it, our lives are a continuous stream of negotiation. We negotiate with our friends about where to go on Friday night or who we should invite to a party. We negotiate with our colleagues about the temperature of the office or who is coming in on Saturday to despatch a critical order. We negotiate with our family about what TV programme to watch or who is going to do the dishes. We negotiate with our employees over salaries or holiday schedules and we negotiate with salespeople on the price of a car or the contract cost of our mobile phones. We negotiate all day, though most of us don’t see it as negotiation and we are invariably ill-equipped to do it well. However, these smaller, everyday negotiations serve as great practice opportunities for when something bigger comes up. 


For most of us, the biggest challenge is to consciously interrupt our internal ‘follow the easiest route’ default mode that leads us to accept at best compromise, and at worst compliance or conflict. Winning is a habit and consciously following a productive negotiation framework creates a great winning foundation that can help optimise both our experiences of life and our outcomes in life.


The great news is, because negotiation is so pervasive in our lives, it offers a multitude of rich practice opportunities to help us habitualise negotiation brilliance.


This programme addresses business negotiation by providing the practical Performance Negotiation Framework©. It will help you use your everyday negotiating challenges to hone your negotiation skills and build your negotiating confidence. It is premised on negotiation between parties whose intent is to reach a collective agreement; although this may not always be the case, it is the common foundation of business negotiation. So, wherever and whenever you need to find a solution to resolve differences, you will have a stronger foundation upon which to find a positive resolution.

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Leading Negotiation is an online practice-based programme. It will help you build competence and confidence in a productive negotiation framework that enables you to optimise both your negotiation experiences and outcomes.


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