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At Performance Management Systems, our aim is to help you become your best.

We work with ambitious people, teams and organisations to deliver positive and sustainable change.


Focusing on the three core pillars of wellbeing, leadership and teaming, our programmes are built on a foundation of learning.

We'll help you shift your mindset, develop your skillset and build a practical toolset that will advance your performance. 


We all hold the potential for brilliance – let us help you realise yours.

Our Programmes

Wellbeing. Leadership. Teaming.

#leapingahead is an Organisational Coaching programme that will enable you to not only bounce back from recent challenges, but to leap ahead!

We'll work with your senior team to develop bespoke solutions, from 90-day development sprints to company-wide programmes. Using the MAGIC Triangle, we'll help you leverage your opportunity and produce extraordinary outcomes for your business, working across four key strands:​


#leapingahead will enable your organisation to develop the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to face a VUCA reality with confidence, courage and commitment. Find out more here.

Our programmes can be delivered online or in-person. As well as running workshops using tools including Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet, we also have our own online learning platform, hosted by Thinkific. 

Our flagship courses on Personal Leadership, Performance Leadership and Performance Teaming are all based online, with coaching sessions to support your learning and discovery. You can view the course curriculum and sign up directly for each course here.


Once enrolled, you will access your course materials through the online learning platform. 

Ensure you check back on the platform from time-to-time as this is where we add free exercises and introductory packs. You can also follow our social media channels (via the links at the bottom of this page) to stay up to date with our course offers.

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Our training and facilitation workshops will help you hone your strategy and sharpen your sales.


While our training programmes are built on a foundation of learning and discovery, our facilitation workshops bring harmony and focus to enable your team to collaboratively progress towards your goals, unearthing and exploiting the hidden opportunity you discover along the way.


Our workshops cover a broad range of topics, including:

Accountability lies at the core of successful execution. Put simply, it is the act of taking full responsibility for your own commitments, actions and outcomes. This includes how you behave, how you communicate and how you perform. When you are accountable, you ensure you achieve your tasks to standard and on time. 

Our Accountability Excellence framework empowers you to:

  • Clarify, categorise and prioritise your tasks

  • Manage your personal energy

  • Plan your key tasks into a 30-day sprint

  • Track your sprint and tackle impediments

  • Deliver positive results to agreed deadlines

  • Deepen your learning through reflection

  • Achieve your goals

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