Business Engagement Programme

A practice-based online learning programme designed to equip companies with the mindsets, skills and toolkit to begin to counter the challenges of modern business.

As time flies by, business becomes more challenging and survival appears harder than ever. In today’s demanding, non-stop, cut-throat world, companies need to make better decisions faster and then speedily execute them with the elegance and efficiency of a Swiss watch.


To achieve this, people have to be able to make choices close to the action, they need to make these with an understanding of the business impact, the actions need to be co-ordinated with a small army of other people and, as competition increases, it has to be even better next time round.

Our five-part Business Engagement Programme arms companies with the mindsets, skills and toolkit to begin to counter such demanding challenges by:

  • Building leadership at all levels of the business

  • Developing business understanding

  • Nurturing teamwork

  • Creating a framework for continuous improvement.

Programme Overview

The programme comprises five core elements:

  1. Leadership Foundations 1 - Personal Leadership (in life)

  2. Leadership Foundations 2 - Self-Leadership (at work)

  3. Performance Teaming

  4. Improvement Project Leadership

  5. Business Fundamentals.

Personal Leadership

Being your very best at work is made much easier when you have the clarity and confidence to be your very best in life. Exploring what brings out your best and how to encourage and sustain that and, equally importantly, what brings out your worst and how to interrupt that, is a key foundation to personal fulfilment.


The Personal Leadership course enables you to explore what’s important to you, highlights your strengths that help you get there and emphasises the importance of managing your energy more positively along the journey.


Any role we fulfil at work requires 4 core skill areas:

  • Self-Leadership to ensure we always make the best use of the best we can be

  • Social skills that enable us to work effectively with others (Performance Teaming)

  • Problem-solving skills that allow us to assess and counter risk, remove bottleneck constraints and improve performance (Improvement Project Leadership)

  • Technical skills to carry out our work function (in this course we focus on Business).


Focusing on your specific role at work, this course explores how you can intentionally make more impact by:

  • Raising your awareness of your strengths, passions, skills and values

  • Clarifying your roles and goals

  • Helping power collaboration with others

  • Exploring how you bring these all together to greater effect.



Performance Teaming

This course begins to explore the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets that enable businesses to:

  • Assess the team’s existing ‘Teaming Performance’ and determine actions to improve relationships, performance and results

  • Develop new teams more easily and move them through the learning curve faster

  • Improve cross-team working, leading to greater performance throughout the business.


Improvement Project Leadership

In business there is no stand-still option; you either progress or decline. Invariably, progress requires change and change is often best led through intentional projects requiring goals, options, buy-in, plans, actions and checks. This course reviews how ‘improvement’ can be led through a project framework and supports the opportunity to create an improvement culture.


Business Fundamentals

Unless there is a business benefit, why lead, collaborate or improve? This course lays a foundation level understanding of profit, cash, business models, business planning and business performance tracking which enables everyone to make choices that best serve the business.

Who is the Business Engagement Programme for?


We believe leadership is universal and that great businesses encourage and advance leadership at every level of their organisation. This means that everyone can benefit from our Business Engagement Programme, whether you lead yourself or others, and regardless of whether you are an experienced leader or a relative novice in the business world.


While all the courses in the Business Engagement Programme can provide significant benefit to individuals looking to boost their leadership ability through online learning, the Performance Teaming course is great for building teaming performance with colleagues. We recommend leveraging the benefit of shared learning by rolling out a wider programme to build a consistent leadership mindset across your organisation.


What is the course structure?


Each course is built on the foundation of active learning. The materials are hosted in an online course platform and take the form of text, videos and downloadable worksheets. The way the course is delivered is deliberately varied to appeal to the different ways that people learn, and to reinforce and deepen your learning.


You will identify intended learning outcomes and their measures at the beginning of each course; this will enable you to self-assess whether these outcomes are being advanced as you progress, and fully met upon completion. You will be engaged in exercises that enable you to identify actions to more powerfully and consistently perform at your best. A critical element of your learning is to practise the actions you identify throughout the programme, so each course incorporates a practice period following which you will then reflect on your experience. The purpose of this is to build both practical capability and momentum in forming new habits.


The online programme is set up to provide the tools, practice framework and reflection that you require to significantly improve your leadership, both at personal and professional levels. As such, you can derive considerable benefit from taking the online programme without any further support. However, experience shows us that enrolling people in group learning, i.e. where multiple people take the course simultaneously, significantly boosts engagement and understanding, as students benefit from the experience and feedback of others on top of their own journey of discovery.


We believe that you will gain even greater benefit from an enhanced programme which includes peer review and coaching workshops, and would strongly encourage companies to contact us to discuss this option when looking to roll-out a leadership programme.

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